Introduction to Edit Order + Shopify Flow

What is Edit Order + Shopify Flow?

Edit Order's Shopify Flow integration lets Shopify Plus merchants create powerful, automatic editing workflows using Shopify Flow. Whether you want to create flexible custom rules that add free gifts to your most loyal customers' orders or you need to assign additional SKUs to customers' orders to meet your fulfillment partner's requirements, Edit Order can help.

Edit Order + Shopify Flow is only available on our Premium Plus plan. Please see for more details on plans and pricing.

Create your first automated workflow

The next time you're in Shopify Flow's workflow builder, you should see Edit Order's Edit and add items action in the list of actions that your workflow is able to perform.

This action allows you to add one or more items to an order automatically after the order has been placed by your customer. You can specify which items you want automatically added using Edit Actions.

Edit Actions are preconfigured set of items with customized pricing and quantities that will be added to an order when triggered by a Shopify Flow workflow.

Once you've created an Edit Action, it must be added to your workflow via the Edit and add items action in Shopify Flow. When the workflow is saved and activated, Edit Order will automatically start processing orders that meet your workflow criteria.

Note: Once your customer places their order, the promo item won't be displayed at checkout or in the order confirmation. This is due to the order confirmation being sent out by Shopify before Flow performs the adding of the free item. This doesn't mean that your promo automation didn't run and you'll still be able to see the free item added to your order in your Shopify Admin. 


Due to limitations in the Shopify platform, Edit Order + Shopify Flow currently has the following limitations:

Orders created by other third-party apps cannot be edited. Shopify currently restricts what orders an app is allowed to edit. Currently, orders created by other third-party apps such as reCharge, CartHook, and other subscription or recurring order apps cannot be edited by Edit Order's Shopify Flow integration. When Edit Order detects orders created by these other apps the order will be tagged and then skipped over. Our team has been working with Shopify on getting this restriction lifted. Please contact us if you rely on orders generated by third party apps and want to use Edit Order + Shopify Flow.

What's Next:

  1. Learn how to create an Edit Action
  2. Learn how to assign an Edit Action to a workflow that adds a promo item to an order