Setting up a promo automation in Order Editor

Edit Actions turn tasks that you would typically perform in Order Editor into an automation action in Shopify Flow. In order to add an Edit Action in your Shopify Flow workflow, you first have to create the Edit Action in Order Editor.

Shopify Flow integration is now available to all Cleverific Order Editor's plans. See pricing here.

Set up an Edit Action in Order Editor

  1. In your Shopify Admin, go to Apps, then click Cleverific Order Editor to go to the Order Editor landing page.

  1. Click the Automation link > Edit Action on your Order Editor dashboard.

  1. Click New Edit Action.

  1. Add any items to your free promo and click Save to generate an Edit Action ID

  1. You'll need to copy this Edit Action ID and add it to your Shopify Flow workflow.

Now that you've created an Edit Action, you'll be ready to assign it to a Shopify Flow workflow. See our guide on how to set up a workflow next to learn how to assign your Action ID to your Shopify Flow workflow.

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