Adding an Edit Action to Shopify Flow

Use Cleverific Order Editor to automatically add promotional items to your orders through Shopify Flow. To get your automation set up in Shopify Flow, you'll need to add your Edit Action ID to your workflow

Shopify Flow integration is now available to all Cleverific Order Editor's plans. See pricing here.

Add an Action ID to your Shopify Flow workflow

  1. Copy your Action ID from your Edit Actions list.

  1. In your Shopify Flow app, click Create Workflow.

  1. To set up a workflow, start by adding a trigger. Click Select a trigger then Select trigger for your automation. In this example, we select Order created.

  1. Next, you'll add a condition for your workflow. Click the (+) symbol and select Conditions. In this workflow, we added a minimum amount condition.

  1. Click Add criteria and select a condition. In this workflow, we added a minimum amount condition (totalPriceSet).

  1. Next, add an action. Click the (+) symbol next to Then and select Action.

  1. Under Installed App actions, click Cleverific Order Editor and select Edit and Add item

  1. Enter {{}} into the Order ID field, and then paste the Action ID you copied from Order Editor into the Edit Action ID field.

  1. Name your workflow and click Turn on your workflow.

Note: You can monitor your workflow status by clicking Run History in Flow.  

You now have a workflow that will automatically add one or more promotional items to your order based on any conditions you prefer. Use this modular process to add promo or sample products to your customer's orders, reward loyal customers with gifts and incentives, and so much more.

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