Add promotional items to an order

This article explains how to use Edit Order to automatically add promotional items to your orders through Shopify Flow. For example, you can advertise that all orders over $100 will include a promotional item, set up a workflow like the one below, and every order created through your store will automatically have that promotional item added. Before you start building this workflow, make sure that you create an item template first.

PLEASE NOTE - When using Edit Order in Shopify Flow, there is one very important rule to keep in mind. Always make sure that Edit Order's action is the last step in your workflow. This is important because Edit Order will cancel the original order and create an updated order to replace it.

Here is how to add a promotional items to orders over $100:

  1. Copy your Item Template ID for the Item Template you created for the promotional item(s)
  2. In your Shopify Admin, go to Apps, then Shopify Flow
  3. Click Create workflow
  4. Click Add Trigger 
  5. Click Select trigger, and then click Order created 
  6. Click Add condition
  7. On the righthand side of the page, click Select under Select conditions 
  8. Type price into the search and then click Total Price from the dropdown menu 

  9. Click Select under Total Price and then click greater than from the dropdown menu 

  10. Type " 100" into the field below greater than to complete your condition

  11. At the center the center of the page, click Add action underneath THEN 

  12. In the Select an action list that appears on the right, scroll down to Edit Order by Cleverific, then click Edit and add items 

  13. You should see two configuration fields for the Edit and add items action. In the Order ID field, copy and paste: {{order_id}} into the field. In the Item Template ID field, paste in the item template ID that you copied earlier for the item template that you want to assign to this action. (Creating an item template)

  14. Save your workflow.

You now have a complete workflow that will automatically add one or more promotional items when the order's total price is greater than $100. This is a modular process that you can then change to your own needs. 

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