Sending a Payment Request later

To send a payment request with Edit Order, first create or edit an order as you normally would with Edit Order. When you save your order, Edit Order will check to see if there is an amount due on the order and present you with the following save options:

  • Send a Payment Request: This option will allow you to save your changes to this order and send out a payment request immediately after. If you have other notifications enabled, those notifications will also be sent out.
  • Save Order: This option only saves changes to your order without sending a payment request. If you have other notifications enabled, those notifications will still be sent out.

Please note that Edit Order will only prompt you with these save options if there is an amount due on the order. If a refund is due or if the order is an even exchange, then Edit Order will not prompt you for a save option.

If you want to just create the order or save your order changes without sending out a payment request immediately, you can click the Save Order button to do so. Edit Order will then just save your changes without sending a payment request. If you have other notifications or confirmation emails enabled, those notifications will still be sent out. You can send the payment request at a later time without having to re-edit the order.

Sending the Payment Request at a Later Time

Send a payment request for an order you previously created or edited by following these steps:

  1. Open the order's details in your Shopify Admin
  2. In the More Actions menu, click on Send Payment Request

Edit Order Payment Request - Send Later

  1. On the next screen, you can customize the to email address, subject, and message that will be used for the emailed payment request invoice. Edit Order prefills these fields with information from your order, so you hopefully won't have to make any changes. All fields are required.
  2. The  Amount Due that is shown on this screen is the amount that the customer will be asked to pay in the payment request
  3. Finally, click Send Payment Request. This will send a payment request out to your customer without editing the order any further. When processing has been completed successfully, Edit Order will automatically redirect you back to the edited order's details page.

Edit Order Payment Request - Send Later Details

Your order's status, order number, and information will remain the same because we did not have to edit the order in order send the payment request.

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