Customize Payment Request Email Template

A new email template specifically for payment requests has been added to Edit Order. This template is used for payment requests sent for both new orders and edited orders. Template includes key new data for the payment request including:

  • The updated line items in the order
  • The amount that has already been paid
  • The outstanding amount to be paid
  • A Pay Now link that customers can use to pay the payment request

Customizing the email template

The Payment Request Email template can be customized using standard liquid tags in Edit Order's Email Template settings section. Please see Editing an email notification template for more information.

Please note: While all standard liquid tags are supported, not all Shopify specific liquid tags are supported. For example, Shopify does not make any of the following tags available to Edit Order's liquid templates processing:

  • shopify_asset_url
  • shop.email_logo_width
  • shop.email_logo_url
  • shop.email_accent_color
  • and others...

Please contact if you would like assistance with customizing your email templates.