How payment requests affect your sales reports

Payment Requests currently work by creating an adjustment order to accept payment for a pre-existing order in Shopify (How Payment Requests work in Edit Order). These adjustment orders can be filtered out of your Shopify sales reports based on the tag "Edit Order - Adjustment Order

1. From your Orders page, click Export and then set the date range that you would like for your report:

2. Once you get the CSV report from your email inbox, import it into a Google Sheets spreadsheet:
Screen-Shot-2019-04-16-at-3-35-02-PM.png Screen-Shot-2019-04-16-at-3-35-42-PM.png
3. With the data imported, click the Tags tab and add a filter
Screen-Shot-2019-04-16-at-3-37-21-PM.png4. Deselect all categories that contain any of these tags: 

  • "Edit Order - Cancelled"
  • "Edit Order - Adjustment Order"

and then click OK
Screen-Shot-2019-04-16-at-3-43-25-PM.pngYour report will now only show orders valid for reporting purposes.