Editing a draft order

You can use Cleverific Order Editor to edit any draft order, enabling you the flexibility to do things like offering special pricing for an order. This article will show you how to edit a Draft order using Order Editor.

Edit a draft order

1. Open the draft order you want to edit.

2. Click More Actions > Edit Draft Order.

3. Make your edits on the editing screen.

4. Click Save.

Known Limitations

Not all features of Order Editor are available for draft orders due to limitations in Shopify’s API. Here are the current known limitations in Save as Draft for Order Editor:

  • Changes to product and variant titles on draft orders
  • Order numbers cannot be changed or assigned
  • Increases to product pricing are not allowed when creating or editing draft orders. You can, however, add line items as custom products to increase a product’s price

Note: Order Editor applies pricing decreases in the form of a line item discount. This means that if you edit a draft order you created using Order Editor again, the discount will be applied via a line item discount. You may need to remove this line item discount to accurately reflect your edits: 

If you have any more questions on draft orders, please email us at support@editorder.net