Pay with Credit Card allows you to capture a credit card payment when editing an order. This is useful if you need to accept a payment from a customer immediately by entering in their credit card number, instead of emailing them a Payment Request they could pay later. You can use Pay with Credit card whenever the total price of an order is increased when editing, or when creating a New Order. Common edits that increase the cost of an order are:

  • Adding an item to an order
  • Exchanging an item for a more expensive one
  • Upgrading the shipping method 


Pay with Credit Card uses a direct payment gateway integration with Stripe Payments. In order to use Pay with Credit Card, you'll need to:

  • Have a Stripe account
  • Connect that account to Edit Order through your Advanced Settings

Stripe's fees for accepting credit card payments are: 2.9% + 30c per transaction. 

Edit Order's fee for using Pay with Credit Card is 0.5%, bringing the total fees for Pay with Credit Card to 3.4% + 30c per transaction.

Connecting your Stripe account

If you don't already have a Stripe account, you'll first need to sign up for a Stripe account here: https://dashboard.stripe.com/register, OR you can create your Stripe account during the set up process listed below.

Here's how to connect your Stripe account with Edit Order through your Shopify Admin:

1.) Click Apps and then click Edit Order by Cleverific

2.) Click Advanced Settings

3.) Scroll down to the Payment Gateway section and click Connect with Stripe

4.) Enter your Stripe login credentials and click Sign in to your account

5.) Click Connect my Stripe Account

Accept payment when creating or editing an order

When you click Save on an order that you've created or edited that results in your customer owing more money, click Pay With Credit Card from the pop up menu

Enter your customer's credit card information and click Charge (note that this will complete the Save for your order)

Your charge will now be processed and you will be redirected to your order.

Got questions? Drop us a line at support@editorder.net