Exchange a product

You can exchange products with Edit Order by removing the original line item and replacing it with the product you would want to add.

Exchange your line item by following the steps below

1. Click on Search products.

2. Select the product you would like to add then click Add.

3. Hover over the product you wish to remove then click the "trash can" icon that appears on the right.

4. Once you're done exchanging the product, click Save.

Once you click Save, the original order will be marked as canceled, the item you exchanged will be returned to inventory, and a new order will be created.

Collecting payment for an exchange

  • If your exchanged item is the same amount as the returned item, the customer would not be charged again nor would they receive a refund.
  • If your exchanged item is less than the amount of the returned item, Edit Order will automatically refund the difference to your customer through the customer's original order.
  • If your exchanged item is greater than the amount of the returned item, you can send out an invoice using Edit Order's Payment Request feature to collect the amount owed.

For more information, please see our documentation on: How Edit Order handles order totals after editing