Getting Started with Edit Order and Shopify Flow

Edit Order's Shopify Flow connector lets merchants create workflows that automatically add sample products, promo items, discounts and more to your customer's order. This can help drive return sales and deepen customer relationships. This feature is only available on the Standard Plus plan, priced at $49 per month.

Upgrade to Edit Order Standard Plus

Here's how you can upgrade to Edit Order's Standard Plus plan and start your 45-day free trial.

  1. In your Shopify Admin, got to Apps, then click Edit Order by Cleverific
  2. On the Edit Order page, click on Shopify Flow in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Click on the Start my 45-day free trial button to get started!

Create your first automated workflow

The next time you're in Shopify Flow's workflow builder, you should see Edit Order's Edit and add items action in the list of actions that your workflow is able to perform. This action allows you to add one or more items to an order automatically after the order has been placed by your customer. You can specify which items you want automatically added using what Edit Order calls an item template.

Item Templates are a preconfigured template of items with customized pricing and quantities that will be added to an order when triggered by a Shopify Flow workflow.

Once you've created an item template, the item template must be assigned to the Edit and add items action in your workflow. When the workflow is saved and activated, Edit Order will automatically start processing orders that meet your workflow criteria.

What's Next:

  1. Learn how to create an item template
  2. Learn how to set up a complete workflow that adds a promotional item to an order