Changing shipping speed

If your customer changes their mind about when they want to receive their order, you can use Cleverific Order Editor to change the shipping speed. Here’s how to do this.

Change shipping speed with Order Editor

  1. Open the order you’d like to change the shipping speed for in your Shopify Admin and click Edit Order through the More actions menu
  2. On the editing screen, scroll down to the totals section and add the new shipping speed and shipping cost by selecting Add Shipping and clicking the drop-down menu arrow.

  3. Click Save. If the change in shipping cost increases the total cost of the order, then you can Send a Payment Request to collect the additional money owed from your customer.

Note: Order Editor can currently only add weight-based and price-based shipping methods. Order Editor cannot do carrier-calculated rates at this time. We are looking into ways to generate carrier-calculated rates in the future.

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