Customize a product

When you need to add certain customizations to a product for an order, like an engraving on a guitar pick for example, you can use Edit Order to do this by adding and editing  line item properties.

1. Adding a line item property

When editing or creating an order, click  + Add Line Item Property just beneath the line item name. You can now type in a customization for that line item.

2. Editing a line item property

If there's an existing line item property that you need to change, click on the property to edit in place.

3. Deleting a line item property

While the line item is activated for editing, click the red “X” to delete the line item altogether.

4. Using the editor window

You can also edit line item properties in the editor window, which you open by clicking the blue pencil icon on the far right of the item.

Power User Tip: 

Have a lot of line items to add? You can click “tab” on your keyboard to cycle through line items and add new line item properties quickly without clicking your mouse.

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