How to split an order

Splitting an order is useful for breaking up fulfillments, shipping certain products separately, or creating a backorder. 

How to split an order using Edit Order:

1.) Open the order you'd like to split 

2.) Click Edit Order from the More actions menu 

3.) Remove the line items that you would like to have in a separate order 

4.) Uncheck "Cancel existing order after order edit", this can be found in the Override default settings section: 

Screen-Shot-2018-06-27-at-11-22-34-AM.png5.) Click Save

***On your Orders page, you should now see the edited version of the order, and your original order. Both orders should still have an "open" status neither orders should be "cancelled".***

6.) Open the original order again 

7.) Select Edit Order from the More actions menu 

8.) Remove all items that were not removed in your last edit 

9.) In the Override default settings section, leave "Cancel existing order after order edit" checked, but also manually check the box that says "Do not issue a refund". 


10.) Click Save

Splitting an order into two separate orders is a manual process as of now, but it is on our product roadmap to add a feature in the future that will allow merchants to to split orders much more easily. 

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