Preserve order timestamps

By default, Edit Order will copy the same date and time as the original order to edited orders. This way, edited orders will show up on the same day and at the same time that the original order was created. This behavior can be changed by using our Preserve order timestamps setting.

  • When Preserve order time stamps is turned on, it will show your edited orders as having the same date and time of the original order. This is the default setting with Edit Order.
  • When Preserve order timestamps is turned off, it will show your edited orders as having the current date and time that the edits took place. Some merchants prefer this because it will cause their edited orders to show up on their current sales reports. 

How to turn off Preserve order timestamps

  1. In your Shopify Admin, go to Apps, then click on Edit Order by Cleverific
  2. Next, click on Advanced Settings in the upper right hand corner of the Edit Order dashboard screen
  3. On the Advanced Settings page, uncheck the option for Preserve order timestamps
  4. In the upper righthand corner, click Save to save your changes

After changing this setting, edited orders will be "processed at" the date and time that you edited the order instead of at the date and time the original order. 

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