Problems processing an order?

If you're having issues processing an order or are running into issues preventing you from completing your work, please contact us at Our support hours are Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, Pacific Time (GMT-8).

Common Error Codes

Because we integrate deeply with Shopify's services, from time to time there can be issues communicating with Shopify's servers or running processing through Shopify. Order Editor will return one of two general error codes when errors occur that usually require us to take a deeper look into the issue:

  • Code 191: Shopify performs checks and validations on every order and edit as they are processed. If there is an issue with a requirement on the order (such as missing a required field or values that are not allowed), Cleverific Order Editor tries to display the error for you as a useful message. However, if Shopify returns an error that Order Editor doesn't understand, Order Editor will display a Code 191 to indicate that there was a problem the app didn't know how to handle.
  • Code 192: If there is an issue communicating with Shopify's severs, Order Editor's servers, or other services that Order Editor depends on, a Code 192 will be displayed. This is a rare issue to occur and, often, retrying or reattempting your request in a few minutes will work.

If you encounter either of the above error codes, please email us at To speed things up, please include your store's myshopify URL and the order number that you were working on. You can also send us a message using the help widget on the Order Editor screen. We give all error code conditions priority and will respond as soon as possible.