How cancelled orders affect your Shopify sales reports

When you've finished editing your orders, Edit Order performs a "save as" by canceling the original order and applying the original payment to the newly edited version of the order. This creates a clear paper trail of what happened with the orders at all times. All apps on the Shopify app store that edit's order have settled on taking this approach as well.

PLEASE NOTE: This canceling technique causes an unintended consequence with Shopify's built-in Analytics and Reporting. Shopify's reporting will include an order's total even if the order has been canceled, causing sales figures to be doubled.

How to get accurate reporting figures

If you are on the Shopify Advanced plan, or a higher plan, you can filter out any canceled orders in your reports to get accurate figures. A lot of merchants who use our app have been able to use this workaround with no further issues.

Filter out canceled orders from your Shopify reports

Follow the steps below to filter out canceled orders from your report figures. The following steps should work for all sales reports and custom reports provided by Shopify, but not reports listed under Finances (Shopify does not provide filters in the Finances report view).

1. In your reports, click on  Manage filters

2. In the Manage Filters pop up that appears, click on the  Select filter and select Canceled. This is the filter for the order's canceled status. 

3. Next, click on the box labeled  Search and select the No option. This means that the filter will only match orders that are not canceled. 

4. Finally, click on  Apply filters to apply this filter. Your report view should now only include orders that have not been canceled.

Long-term solution

We have developed a solution for this issue, but upon testing, we found that it can cause more problems for accounting--just in a different area. Shopify has a couple of things on their roadmap to address this issue, and we are working with them to make sure that this gets resolved. We have redirected our efforts toward working with Shopify on a platform-level fix.

For a general guide on filtering your Shopify Reports, please see the documentation article provided by Shopify here: