Setting up a dropdown for cancel reason in Customer Portal

In your Customer Portal settings, you can choose to make a dropdown list of predefined reasons when customers cancel an order. You can also edit the default list of reasons to supply your own list of custom reasons. This feature is not enabled by default.

Set up a dropdown for cancel reason

  1. Navigate to Apps > Cleverific Order Editor > Customer Portal
  2. In the Customize order editing section, under Decide if customers can cancel orders, make sure the setting “Allow customers to cancel their orders” is enabled.
  3. Select Use dropdown for cancel reason.
  4. Click Edit Dropdown.
  5. You can choose to use the default reasons provided or add custom reasons.

Your changes will be automatically saved.

What your customers see

Once the dropdown for cancel reason is enabled, your customers will be able to select a cancel reason when cancelling their orders or entering their own.

Note: Selecting a cancel reason is optional for your customers and is not required to cancel their orders.