How Payment Requests work in Edit Order

Payment Requests with Edit Order generally have the following flow:

  1. You create or edit an order that results in a balance owed
  2. In Edit Order, when you save the order, you will be prompted to see if you want to send a payment request now or just save the order without sending a payment request
  3. If you choose to send a payment request, you'll be asked to confirm the to email, subject, and message for the email sent to your customer. You can customize these if you want
  4. When you click send, Edit Order saves your order and sends the payment request to your customer. They'll receive the email within a few minutes
  5. Behind the scenes, Edit Order creates an adjustment order whose payment is applied towards your customer's order
  6. When your customer pays the adjustment order, Edit Order automatically archives the adjustment order and marks it as fulfilled
  7. Finally, Edit Order automatically updates the edited order to mark it as paid, join all the payment data, and mark it ready for fulfillment.

What is an adjustment order?

Edit Order translated the accounting concept of an adjusting journal entry to Shopify to create the concept of an adjustment order. Adjustment orders allow Edit Order to help you charge customers for an additional amount due when editing an order.

Adjustment orders give us the ability to charge customers for an additional amount due but you should know that it results in an additional order in your order list. For example, say you have an order, Order #1001, that you will edit and send a payment request for. Edit Order will create an adjustment order that is then sent to your customer for payment. After your customer has paid the adjustment order, Edit Order will automatically mark your edited order as paid and ready for fulfillment. You'll end up with the following orders in your order list:

  1. Order #1001 [cancelled, but not refunded]
  2. Order #1002 [this is the adjustment order, it is paid and automatically marked as fulfilled and archived]
  3. Order #1001A [your edited order, now marked as paid and ready for fulfillment]

Using adjustment orders, Edit Order's Payment Requests is able to work around Shopify's platform limitations while using its strengths to help merchants in the best way possible.

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