Payment Requests overview

Use Payment Requests to collect payment from your customers. Payment Requests can be used when you edit an order to increase the price.

When you send a payment request to your customer, they'll receive the invoice within minutes and are then able to pay directly through your online store. Once paid, Edit Order takes care of keeping track of the transactions, updating the edited order, and marking it as paid automatically.

Payment Requests are useful if you want to:

  • Add items to a customer's order
  • Exchange one product for a more expensive one
  • Change to a faster shipping option
  • Create a custom order and send an invoice payable through your online store
  • Create a wholesale order and send an invoice payable through your online store
  • Collect payment in any situation where a customer owes more than they originally paid
  • Send an invoice for a pending/outstanding amount at a later time


  • Simple: It takes two clicks to send a payment request for any order, no typing required.
  • Zero Setup: Uses your existing payment gateway settings in Shopify. No signing up for new accounts anywhere.
  • Familiar and Trustworthy: Customers pay the amount owed directly through your online store, with your branding and Shopify's proven checkout flow.
  • Secure: We use Shopify's secure, encrypted, and proven checkout flow so your customer's data is always secure.
  • Automatic: When the customer pays the payment request invoice, Edit Order automatically marks the order as paid and connects all the transactions together so there's no room for user error. No more, forgetting to mark that an order was paid. No more wondering where your money was deposited. Everything just lives in Shopify where you expect to find it.

Supported Payment Gateways

You can use Edit Order's Payment Requests with Shopify Payments and any third-party payment gateway supported by Shopify. There is no need to sign up for any new accounts or contract with any new payment gateways in order to use this feature. And because we use your existing Shopify settings, there is no setup required to send a payment request.

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