Installing order status page snippet

After enabling Customer Portal in your settings, you need to add a snippet to your Shopify order status page. This article will show you the steps to do this.

Copy the snippet from your Customer Portal Settings

  1. Navigate to the Install Customer Portal section. 

  2. In the Copy the install snippet section, click to copy the snippet.

Add the snippet to your Shopify order status page

  1. In your Shopify Admin, go to Settings > Checkout.

  2. Under the checkout section, navigate to Order status page.

  3. In the Additional scripts field, paste the snippet. Note: If you already have a script added to this field, you can paste the snippet at the bottom of your script.

  4. Click Save.

Verify your setup

  1. In your Customer Portal settings, navigate to the Install Customer Portal section. 

  2. Under Verify your setup, click Create a test order.

  3. Open the email confirmation you've received.
  4. Click View your order.

  5. On the order status page, under the Change Order section, click Edit order.

  6. If you see your order details and the ability to change them, then you have just successfully set up Customer Portal!