Order Editor and third-party order limitations

Due to limitations in Shopify's order editing API, orders created by other third-party apps can't be edited in Quick Mode, Customer Portal, and Shopify Flow + Order Editor.

Third-party orders in Quick Mode

To allow edits to be saved directly on your original order, Quick Mode is subject to Shopify's order editing platform limitations and doesn't allow editing orders created by third parties.

We'd recommend editing your order created by the third-party app in Order Editor's Advanced Mode. In Advanced Mode, Shopify platform limitations are bypassed to allow additional types of edits by performing a "save-as" edit, which cancels the original order and applies payment to an edited version of the order.

Third-party orders in Customer Portal

Orders created by third-party apps that don't directly integrate with Shopify Checkout (such as the legacy version of ReCharge) cannot be edited by your customers in Customer Portal. However, your customers will still be able to cancel their orders and edit the shipping address.

Third-party orders in Shopify Flow + Order Editor

Orders created by other third-party apps cannot be edited by Order Editor's Shopify Flow integration. When Order Editor detects orders created by these other apps, the order will be tagged (with "Edit Order - Expand Bundles Failed" or "Edit Order - Flow Failed") and then skipped over. You will see in your Shopify Flow's Run Log that the workflow failed as well.