Local pickup and local delivery

Currently, Shopify doesn't offer a way for us to mark an order as local delivery or local pickup yet. Because of this, all edited orders are being created with Shopify assuming that they'll be shipped.

How to edit local pickup/local delivery orders in Edit Order

  1. Select an order from your Shopify order list. 
  2. Click More Actions > Edit Order.
  3. Navigate to the Total section of your order.
  • For local deliveries, the shipping rate set up in your Shopify settings will be reflected in Edit Order under the Shipping field. If you want to increase or decrease this rate, click the shipping rate name (Local Delivery) and manually enter the amount. To save your new shipping rate, click the blue Apply button.
  • Local pickups will show the pickup location name and will be defaulted to a free shipping rate.

4. When the items are delivered or picked up, click Fulfill item on your Shopify order page.

5. Click the green  Fulfill item button without entering a tracking number. Shopify will add a reminder if your customer selected the Local Delivery method at checkout.

Note: In your Shopify’s order list, you’ll be able to see under the Delivery Method column if your edited order is a local pickup or local delivery.

Got questions? Send us an email at support@editorder.net!