Filtering out canceled orders from your order export file

In Shopify, you can choose to export your order history and select the orders you’d like to be exported. This allows you to easily and accurately manage your reporting outside of Shopify. This article will show you how to do this.

Export your Shopify orders

In your Shopify Admin, you can manually export your orders.

  1. Go to Orders and click Export on the top right

  2. Export the current page, all orders, or orders by date
  3. Manage your orders in a separate spreadsheet program

In this report, Shopify will include the prices for both canceled and active orders in its sales reports. This means any canceled orders you generate with Shopify apps, including Edit Order, could double your sales numbers.

Our best recommendation would be to then filter out these canceled orders from your order export file by doing the following: 

  • Filter the Tags column
  • Filter out “Edit Order - Cancelled” and “Edit Order, Edit Order - Cancelled

Note: The way to do this will vary from one spreadsheet program to another (Google Sheets, Numbers, Excel). If you're having trouble with this step, please contact our team at We'll be happy to help!