Accessing Quick Mode

You can use Cleverific Order Editor’s Quick Mode to make all of the same edits you can with Shopify’s editing, plus a few additional options like adding line item discounts. You can see a full list of available edits here. These edits save directly on your order, making the editing process quick and intuitive with the added bonus of a friendly user interface. 

Switch your editing mode to Quick Mode

These steps will show you how to switch your editing mode to Quick Mode if you’re currently in Advanced Mode.

1. Open the order you want to edit in Order Editor

2. Order Editor will open to your current editing mode. If you’re in Advanced Mode, your screen should look like this:

  1. To switch to Quick Mode, click the switch in the top right corner

Note: Edits do not save when you toggle between modes. Make sure to choose your editing mode correctly before you start editing.

  1. You should now be in Quick Mode, which you can see below. To double-check the mode you’re using, you can always check the label in the top right corner.

See it in action

Using Quick Mode

You’ll notice that some edits, like changing the billing address or order number, are not available in Quick Mode. These edits can only be completed in Advanced Mode, and you’ll need to switch modes in order to perform them.  

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