Upgrade to Edit Order 3.0

Edit Order 3.0 is our latest and greatest version of Edit Order as of 2020. We've made major improvements in the design of the app and its functionality. It's now faster and more reliable for you to get things done. There are new features that make creating and editing orders much easier. And we've thought ahead and made room for even more great features coming down the line.

Edit Order 3.0 is currently in general release status. 

Opt in to the upgrade by clicking on the Try Edit Order 3.0 button in the upper right corner of the editing screen.

More information about upgrading

  • Upgrading to Edit Order 3.0 is 100% free
  • Staff accounts can opt in separately so team members can use the latest and greatest Edit Order without affecting others' workflows
  • Merchants who installed Edit Order after May 2020 are automatically setup with Edit Order 3.0 without having to opt in

Learn more

For more details and the story behind Edit Order 3.0, please see our blog post: Getting to know Edit Order 3.0