Editing Orders Placed in a Different Currency (Multicurrency)

Shopify offers the ability to sell and accept payments in multiple currencies, allowing customers to pay for their orders and receive refunds in their local currency. However, this comes with certain editing limitations. This article will go over Shopify's limitations and explain our best workaround to edit an order placed in a different currency.

Limitations with Cleverific Order Editor

Unfortunately, Shopify currently does not allow any apps to use their multi-currency APIs. Because of this, Order Editor isn’t able to edit orders that were placed in a different currency than your store’s default currency. 

We’ve been working with Shopify to get this restriction lifted, but have not been promised a date when they might do it. 

Note: These limitations apply to Shopify Flow + Order Editor as well and will result in an error in your workflow.


To bypass these limitations and edit an order placed in a different currency than your store currency, you can convert the order to your store’s default currency and edit it using Order Editor.


  1. Open your order in you Shopify ADmin.
  2. Click More Actions > Cancel order to cancel the original order in Shopify without refunding it (so you can retain the original payment). 

  3. In your Shopify Admin, click More Actions > Duplicate to duplicate the order as a new draft order.
  4. In your new draft order, under Market, click Change and select your primary market (store's default currency).

  5. Mark the newly created draft order as paid.
  6. Edit the newly created order using Order Editor.
  7. Click Save.

Feel free to reach out to our team if you need help with these steps at support@editorder.net