Customizing a product

When you need to take note of customizations for a product you can do it through Cleverific Order Editor. You can add custom options to any product by adding, editing, or deleting line item properties.  

Add a line item property

You can edit line item properties in the editor window or by hovering over the line item. 

1. To edit line item properties in the editor window, click on the three dots and choose Line item properties.

  1. You can also hover over the line item and click + Add Line Item Property just beneath the line item name.

3. Click on the "+" under LINE ITEM PROPERTIES to type in the line item property.

Edit a line item property

If there's an existing line item property that you need to change, click on the property to edit in place.

Delete a line item property

While the line item is activated for editing, click the “Trash can” icon to delete the line item altogether.

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