Customizing discounts for your orders

This article will show you how to use Edit Order to customize an order, and add discounts for a specific customer’s order.

Discount one item

Edit Order allows you to apply an amount or a percentage discount to your items.

1. Open an existing order and click More actions

2. Click Edit Order. (If you don't see Edit Order listed, you may need to scroll within the dropdown in order to select Edit Order.

3. Under the Unit Price column, change the price that is listed for the product and enter a new one. You can also apply a discount amount.

Discount the entire order

1. In the Discount field, enter a flat amount or a percentage amount to reduce the subtotal price.

Change the price of shipping

You can offer free shipping to your customer by entering zero in the designated field. Or, create a new shipping line by entering the price you want to charge and changing the name of the shipping field.

Customized for your customer

Having the flexibility to discount and change shipping rates is perfect to help you extend the best customer service to your buyers. Customers will feel important and cared for knowing that the online store they shop at has the ability to customize their order if necessary. This can create a big opportunity for your business by helping your customers feel more connected to your store.