How Edit Order handles order totals after editing

Refunding your customer the difference

If you edit an order and the new order total is less than the original, you’ll need to refund your customer the difference.

Step 1:

Start your refund by clicking the red  X next to any item you want to take out of the order.

Step 2:

After you’ve removed the items you want refunded, the refund amount is listed at the bottom of your Order Summary.

Step 3:

Save your changes, and Edit Order will automatically refund the difference in price to whatever payment method was used in the original order.

Capturing additional payments

The opposite scenario can also happen, where your new order total is more than the original. In this case your customer will more money for their order. You can use Edit Order's features Send a Payment Request or Pay With Credit Card to collect payment in these cases.

Step 1:

Add any additional items you need to the order by looking it up in the  Add a Product search bar.

Step 2:

You will notice in the Order Summary it lists the outstanding amount, or amount due, at the bottom.

When the new order total is the same

If your new order has the same order total than the original, Edit Order will just credit the same payment to the newly created order. This makes it easy for both the business and customer, so no additional payments or cancellations have to be made!