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Getting started

Basic information to help you get up and running with Order Editor

17 articles

Customer Portal

Customer self-serve order editing: how to install and customize settings

26 articles

Order automation

Use Flow + Order Editor to add promo items or split bundles for fulfillment

7 articles

Advanced Mode order edits

Make edits that are not available with Shopify native editing

16 articles

Quick Mode order edits

Shopify native edits plus product price adjustments for faster sales

8 articles


Quick tutorials to help you get the most out of Cleverific Order Editor

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Advanced settings

Customize your order editing with advanced settings

10 articles

Send a payment request

Charge customers after editing an order on Shopify

9 articles

About Order Editor

More about integration with other apps, usage limits, pricing and upgrading

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Help with common issues around order processing, fulfillment, taxes and more

14 articles


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